About Us

About Us

Ever since we started Ai Kawaii we made it a mission to share our amazing, cute and high quality plushies and accessories for anyone of any age to help make anyone's day, help adults heal their inner child through our cute stuffed toys, and help you find the perfect gift for practically anybody.  

We make it a huge goal to ensure all of our plushies and accessories are of the best quality and shipped as fast as possible to ensure everyone has an amazing experience with us. 

We always want to ensure, no matter how bad of a day you or someone you wish to gift one of our amazing products to, our products can help bring them or yourself comfort and make your day into something better. 

We take pride in our customer service, love answering questions as well as helping with any issues you may be experiencing through our "Contact Us" form.  We also absolutely love hearing back reviews and receiving pictures as well as being  tagged on Instagram (@everythingaikawaii) and Tiktok (@itsaikawaii) with reviews and unboxings of your amazing new friends/accessories.

We love and hope to continue spreading and growing our beautiful community and sharing just about "everything cute" with everyone who comes across any of our pages.