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Milo the Squishy Cat Lamp

Milo the Squishy Cat Lamp

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This is Milo the squishy cat lamp. Milo is a very cute and small cat lamp that will brighten up your room or accompany you as you do your late-night reading, scripting or work! Whether you choose between 7 different colors to brighten up your room with or simply have them all gradually change, be assured that Milo will be there as your emotional support cat lamp. Feel free to squishy, tap or smack Milo and see how the colors change or stop.


  • Has 7 colors to gradually change from or you can simply smack, squish or tap it to make it stay on your favorite one
  • Lamp might turn off after an hour of not being touched in order to save battery just simply tap or smack it to turn it back on
  • Turn the switch off at the bottom to turn it completely off when done using

Please note: this product requires batteries, batteries are not included

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