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Jerry The Jumbo Pig Plush

Jerry The Jumbo Pig Plush

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*Disclaimer only the plushie is included (the blanket is not)*

Meet Jerry the jumbo pig plushie, he's squishy, soft, cuddly, and will turn anyone's day for the better!

Don’t have anyone to cuddle with and you feel lonely? Just get yourself one of our adorable jumbo pig plushies and feel how soft they are. Feeling angry? Just hug your anger away! Feeling sad? Rant and lay on your new cute jumbo pig plushie and diminish the sadness away! 

 Have fun and stay happy with our adorable jumbo pig plushies! They’re great for sleeping on, laying on, cuddling with or hugging when you’re sad or stressed. Plus they make a great gift if you’re stuck on what to get someone you care about!



  • Soft and adorable
  • Makes a great gift
  • Filled with pp cotton

 Please allow 1-5CM/inch differs due to manual measurement.

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